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FinalCut Equipped | Your Ultimate Rental House | Lebanon - KSA - UAE / ZEISS SUPREME PRIME 18,25,29,35,50,65,85,100,135MM

ZEISS SUPREME PRIME 18,25,29,35,50,65,85,100,135MM


ZEISS Supreme Primes are high-end, high-speed cinema lenses that are both smaller and lighter, featuring a more versatile image look that is ideal for use with the ARRI ALEXA LF, RED MONSTRO 8K, Sony VENICE, and Canon C700 Full Frame digital cinema cameras. The Supreme Prime look is a notable departure from that of Master Primes, in that it is sharper while remaining organic, color neutral, and quite forgiving overall (particularly when filming skin tones, thanks to redesigned contrast levels). Each Supreme Prime also features Cooke /i lens data system technology, compatible with ARRI, Red, Sony, Panasonic and Canon PL/LPL mount cameras.