FINALCUT EQUIPPED, is a full-service rental house, providing camera, grip and lightning equipment for films, television and advertising since 2008.

Our warehouses in LEBANON & KSA offer a large collection of cameras, lenses (anamorphic, spherical, vintage and specialty), filters and diopters, grip equipment (Dollies, Cranes, Remote and Stabilized Heads, etc.), lightning equipment (LED systems, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight lamp heads, etc.) as well as high quality, well-maintained equipment, outstanding service, and fantastic cinematic tools, that make FINALCUT EQUIPPED a powerful, reliable partner for filmmakers.

FINALCUT EQUIPPED embodies a huge wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, which enables us to offer expert advice and support throughout the entire production process. Also, we continually invest in the latest products from leading industry manufacturers.

Our motto is "Passion for FILMMAKING" and we do our best to fulfill it!