The Fostex FR-2 has been designed specifically for location sound recording; high quality sound effects acquisition; TV & radio documentary; in fact any application where quality audio recording is required.
• PC-compatible BWF files on a FAT32 media format.
• Up to 24-bit/192kHz uncompressed recording.
• Unique 22.05kHz sampling frequency setting.
• Records to CompactFlash cards and PCMCIA disk drives.
• File per Take with auto scene & take naming/increment.
• Balanced XLR microphone inputs & switchable phantom power.
• 132x64 LCD screen for high visibility in the field.
A compact audio recorder designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of professionals in the field. For a start, the FR-2LE records to CompactFlash in broadcast WAV Format (BWF) at 24bit 96KHz quality. It’s equipped with two professional phantom powered XLR microphone inputs compete with precise control over the recording level.
• Light weight, yet tough with a highly rigid chassis
• FAT32 file system & BWF stereo file format
• MP3 recording/playback
• 2 x professional phantom powered XLR mic/line inputs
• Auto level control and High pass filter
• Powered by four AA batteries, up to 8 hours operation.
TASCAM’s DR-680 brings multi-channel portable recordings. Up to eight tracks can be recorded to solid-state SD card media at 96KHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV quality. Six Mic inputs provide phantom power and 60dB of gain for great sound recordings.Each mic input has a selectable low cut filter and analog limiter for optimal sound.
• Record 8 individual inputs plus a stereo mixdown
• Up to 96KHz/24bit Broadcast WAV file for 8 channel
• 4-channel MP3 recording
• Digital monitor mixing
• Ganged input options for use with stereo microphones.
• Mark function during recording/playback
• Powered through 8 AA batteries or PS-1225L adapter
• Records to SD/SDHC card media
The 442 embodies the audio performance, feature set, and mechanical construction demanded by those who rely on audio gear for their livelihood. It 442 mixer excels in a wide range of production applications from simple, single microphone-to-camera stand ups to complex multi camera productions.
• Accepts mic or line-level inputs.
• Three independent balanced outputs for multiple sources.
• Variable input trim, high-pass, and pan control per channel.
• Phantom (48V or 12V) or T-power selected per channel.
• PFL (solo) channel monitoring in headphones.
• Peal limiters per channel
The Sound Devices 302 is stunning in size, flexibility, control, and performance; it is the most compact and cost-efficient battery-powered professional audio mixer in its class.
• Accept mic or line-level signals.
• Phantom (48V or 12V) or t-powered selected per channel.
• Peak limiters per channel and customizable output limiters.
• Sunlight-viewable.
• Two-position high pass filter, 80Hz and 160Hz per input.
• Active-balanced line/tape/mic level outputs on XLR connectors.
Its impressive audio quality and relevant features make it the ideal front end to any portable video production, documentary, or field recording system. The MixPre combines rugged mechanical and electrical construction, compact size, and high-quality components
• Exceptional performance dynamic range greater than 110 dB.
• Flat 10 Hz to 50 Hz audio bandwidth.
• Phantom power, 48 volts or 15 volts.
• High-pass filters at 80 or 150 Hz, 6 dB per octave.
• High-power headphone monitor.
The FP-33 is a 3-input, 2 output, portable stereo mixer specifically designed for remote audio recording.
FP33 features include: High-quality, sealed input potentiometers, Dynamic range of over 100dB 48V phantom, 12V phantom power, and 12V T (A-B) power, LED indicator of input levels, output peaks, limiter action, and low battery.

• Extended frequency response of 20 Hz–20 kHz
• Dynamic range greater than 100 dB
• Three selectable mic/line inputs
• Two selectable mic/line outputs
• Switchable low-cut filters on each input
The sophisticated MKH 416 microphone incorporates Sennheiser technology into condenser mic of superlative quality.
Used by recording studios, film and television production companies, and broadcast professionals all over, optimized for totally transparent, “colorless” sound reproduction.
• Pressure gradient receiver with short interference tube.
• 40 – 20,000 Hz of frequency response.
• 10 ohms balanced output impedance.
• 8 ohms floating output impedance.
The rugged and lightweight MC 836 shotgun microphone has been designed to meet the demands of ENG and EFP applications. Due to its acoustical characteristics it is also suited for film applications.
A switchable low frequency roll-off eliminates unwanted low frequencies at a cut-off frequency of 90 Hz. A high pass filter avoids the transmission of noise below 40 Hz.
• 40 – 20,000 Hz of frequency response
• Lobe polar pattern
• True condenser
With evolution wireless G2, RF specialist Sennheiser offers flexible state-of-the-art RF wireless system with an excellent performance ratio.
• The system uses reliable transmission and have 1,440 switchable frequencies
• Pilot tone squelch and an auto-tune function.
• Legendary evolution sound.
• Nine frequency banks with four frequency preset.
• Peak hold display and balanced audio output via XLR.
The sony Wireless Lavalier/UMP-V2 handmic ENG Microphone System comes with enhancements that include a rugged, all-metal chassis and Mic/Line switchable input at the transmitter. The camera-mountable receiver features space-diversity technology which stabilizes reception and minimizes RF interference by selecting the strongest incoming signal.
• Crystal-Controlled UHF PLL-Synthesized Body-pack
• Mic/line switchable – mini Microphone connector (TX)
• Compatible with any microphone.
• 188 channels of preset frequencies
• Dynamic, Cardioid UHF PLL-Synthesized handheld Transmitter
The TRAM® TR50 miniature professional lavalier microphone answers the needs of even the most demanding sound recording engineer. It has been designed to provide high sound quality with little or no visibility.The tiny omni-directional capsule features minimum sound coloration and is therefore easily combined with boom mics during post production.
• Miniature Electret Condenser Microphone
• Minimum sound coloration for universal use
• Easily combined with boom microphones
• Tiny, lightweight and compact; easily concealed
• Extensive range of mounting accessories
• Wide frequency response
• Very low rubbing noise
It is a portable PA that doesn't skimp on the sound quality! It has all the power and high-quality sound reinforcement capability you need to fill a small-to-medium performance space, yet it’s compact and light enough to go wherever you need it. It includes an audio mixer, and a set of wireless microphones.
• 2 x 15’’ 300W powered speakers, with speaker stands.
• 12/16 channel portable audio mixer
• Set of wireless handheld microphones
• CD player deck
• Audio cables
• Wired dynamic microphones
• High quality headsets
• Headphone splitter up to 4 outputs (proel)